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Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan worked together on making The Golden Record, a message sent out to space for any extraterrestrials to find and learn about existence on Earth. Ann Druyan had the idea of putting human brain waves as one of the sounds used so whoever finds it could learn and understand human thought. While working together, they both fell in love with each other. Carl proposed to her and shortly after she decided to record her brainwaves. So instead of sending out brainwaves thinking about history and science and all that was originally planned she recorded herself thinking about love, true love and that’s what was sent out into the unknown universe. If you don’t think that’s beautiful you’re lying.









Snily was basically just a BROTP turned NOTP when Snape decided only he deserved to be with Lily despite the fact that Lily loved James

WTF are you talking about? Lily didn’t gave a fuck about James when she decided to…

I love how they’re actually talking about fanon considering they ship snily….

Everyone you are talking to, doesn’t ship Snily. We also don’t ship Jily either.

Sorry to burst your little bubble.

I don’t think any of us who’ve replied to you genuinely ships Snily, tbh.

Wow…it’s like, we’re individuals……









So many Americans think Shakespeare was American and this makes me want to cry.

I have never met a single person that thinks Shakespeare was American. It’s probably people from Texas.

i heard that in…

omg i’m literally dead trying to imagine the tempest done in an american accent this is something i’ve honestly never even thought about 

Mmmyeah.  :/  Someone in the production gave us free tickets, so there’s that. Then we had to be polite…

And the Prospero was a woman, but it wasn’t genderbent, she was playing a man.  And she had this scraggly fake beard and was trying to talk in a “deep” voice (and in an American accent) and … just no. 

I feel the need to point out what made me make this post in the first place.

Basically I have this app called QuizUp where you get matched up against a random person and have a Quiz of seven rounds against a random person. They have ALL kinds of categories from Chemistry and World War II to Mean Girls and Disney Music.

I go on the Shakespeare one a lot because I’m a Shakespeare nerd, and one of the questions that pops up is “Where was Shakespeare born?” with the options: England, Ireland, Scotland and America

Every single American that I’ve been matched against that wasn’t an insanely high level picked America.

It’s just… painful to see.

Clearly you’re being matched up with the same Americans that think that Jesus was a white American. Most Americans don’t think that way , I assure you.

Thank you. Who ARE those people….

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